Settling in Services

The settling-in assistance provides transferees with help on the small details of day to day life. Frontline Relocations settling-in-services are designed to get transferees and their families comfortable and in the right frame of mind at their new home. It is best done after the home search is completed, as it is designed around the characteristics of new neighborhood. Frontline Relocations provide a comprehensive and flexible menu of relocation settling-in services that can be tailored to meet the transferee’s requirements.

  • Neighborhood area orientation tour
  • Shopping for basic essentials such as food, appliances, clothing and furniture
  • Banking services
  • Utility and broadband connection
  • Auto purchase/lease assistance
  • Health care system overview
  • Automotive and property insurances
  • Assistance in locating doctors, shopping, houses of worship and specialty foods
  • A resource to assess local information
  • Translation services