Departure Programs

Frontline Relocations recognize the need for a thorough and organized transfer out of a country. Programs designed for people repatriating or moving onto a subsequent international assignment will follow a basic framework but be specific enough to satisfy individual needs.

Smooth transfer is accomplished when the following issues are resolved:

  • Cancellation of current rental and lease agreements
  • Cancellation of home insurance & bank accounts.
  • Cancellation of utilities and telephone lines including Internet.
  • Assistance with final utility / telephone bill payment.
  • Recovery of utility, tenancy and / or security deposits.
  • Arrangement of mail forwarding.
  • If requested, arrangement of residence or hotel pick-up and transfer to the airport.

Frontline Relocations can also arrange re-instatement inspections of properties recently vacated. This is designed to allow for minor work to be done such as repairs, replacement of fixtures and fittings etc., before the Landlord does his or her own inspection. The objective is to take care of minor property condition issues and minimize the Landlord’s need to make deductions from the security deposit.